The Regatta Optimist Torbole

14 and 16 June 2019

Lake Garda is famous for the extremely large number of sports we can practise on its water. Especially now, with the arrival of warmer weather!
And among them sailing is one of the most popular sports here. Many national and international races are organized on Lake Garda thanks to constant winds ensuring perfect conditions to play this activity on our own or by attending one of the several sailing schools present in the territory.

Some of these races go round just in front of our beautiful village, Torbole. During the regattas days the view of the lake changes. The blue of the water is replaced by a multitude of white and colored sails offering a sight not to be missed to the watchers standing on the banks.

The Torbole Sailing Club organizes the Regattas Optimist, very popular competitions in Torbole.
The upcoming competitions for lovers who want to take part or simply watch these enjoyable races are set at 14th and 16th June 2019 when the 45th Trofeo Optimist d’Argento and the 6th Trofeo D. Turazza will be held.

What’s a Regatta Optimist?


The Regattas Optimist are drag races for young sailors who drive special boats named “Optimist”. This type of craft is equipped with one hull and one sail and this is why it shows a small size. Unlike the other sailboats provided with a triangle sail the Optimist has a rectangular trapezium sail.
Because of these features and these small dimensions in particular only beginners and young sailors between six to sixteen years of age can drive them.
This is why boys and girls (up to 15 years) only can take part to the Regattas Optimist: they are divided into two categories: junior (under-11) and juniores (under-16).

The Regattas Optimist in Torbole

These regattas are organized by the Torbole Sailing Club: by now it is a historical presence on Lake Garde as it has been carrying out sports activities for more than 50 years, since 1964 to be exact.
As has already been said next time we can admire the sails of the Optimist boats in Torbole will be in June 2019.
During these fifty years the Club has organized several Regattas Optimist in Torbole. The latest one took place in October 2018, setting the record of presences of the latest years of the Halloween Cup Optimist: the autumn race had 453 participants coming from 13 different countries.

As for the Regattas Optimist taking place in spring, they are much more important and interesting. The sunny weather makes the competition nicer both for the participants and for the watchers. One need only think that last year race reached the record number of 500 participants.
So even this year mid-June we will see a great number of young sailors cutting through Lake Garda water with their boats. To the visitors in Torbole they will give close races and funny afternoons in the open air and in a spirit of sport and entertainment.

Other planned sailing events near Torbole

In addition to the Regatta Optimist in Torbole, another yearly schedule event on Lake Garda attracting thousands of athletes and enthusiasts and watchers coming from the whole Europe, can be surely mentioned: we are talking about the Regatta of Easter which the Fraglia della Vela Club of Lake Garda organizes, like every year, this time from 18th April 2019 to 21st April 2019.
This race opens the new season and holds the absolute record of participants in a sailing regatta of a single class. Not only the athletes taking part to the race can plow the water of the lake: there are also the several boys who want to live this amazing adventure on Lake Garda water.
Our camping is happy to contribute to this successful event. For 30 years we have been accommodating the athletes coming from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. For two weeks these athletes will work out and decorate the view of our Lake with their sails.

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